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Registration for the 2023 -24 school year is open, with availability in most classes. All registration fees are non-refundable and due upon enrollment. Registration fees are only deposited when your child has been placed in a class.2

Forms can be submitted.

  • In person, to the front desk, during business hours
  • In the black dropbox outside the main church entrance at the back of the church building.
  • Via US Mail
  • By email, pending receiving registration payment

For all registration forms with payment, you will receive a response and confirmation of class placement by mail or email within one week.

Wait List

If you are placed on the wait list, your registration fee will be held until space is available (or returned to you if you prefer.) If you have any questions, please call the director, Mellie O’Keefe (770-457-2527) or send an e-mail to We do appreciate your interest in our program and want to do everything we possibly can to give you the information you need.

Current School Year Registration

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is ongoing, with availability in most ages.  Please click the button below to access registration forms and information on fees and tuition. Kindergarten applicants should also click the button for the additional registration form.

Kindergarten Registration and Application

Some years we have more applicants for our Kindergarten class than we have available spots. Therefore, registration for the Kindergarten class for 5 year olds will be slightly different from that for the other age groups. Priority for registration for Kindergarten will be based on church membership, length of time the student has been enrolled at CMK, and the length of time the family has been at CMK. We will use this system ONLY if we have more registration forms from current students than available spaces.

So that we can send a reply as soon as possible, if you are registering a kindergartner, please do so by noon on Monday, January 24 for first consideration. We will look at all applications received at that point and then send responses by Friday, January 28. You may register after January 24 if you wish; spaces will be confirmed if they are available.

In an effort to accommodate more families as soon as possible, the tuition deposit will be due by Friday, April 15 in order to hold a spot in the class (we will send a written reminder). As always, the first payment (tuition deposit) is non-refundable and non-transferrable. This date applies to rising kindergartners only; other CMK classes will continue to have May 10 as the deadline for the tuition deposit. This policy will allow any family on the waiting list to move up much sooner as spaces become available.

If you have concerns about your child’s readiness and/or maturity, please know that another viable option is enrolling your child in an additional year of PreK. Since we have 3 PreK classes, your child would be in a new classroom with different teachers. Your child would work on preparing for a successful Kindergarten year, rather than preparing for 1st grade curriculum.

Immunization Policy

All children attending Chamblee Methodist Kindergarten must meet the Georgia state standards of immunization. Up to date immunizations help ensure the health and safety of all our children at school and in the church community. We require a Georgia 3231 immunization form to be current and on file before a child begins school.

Chamblee Methodist Kindergarten does not accept an affidavit of religious objection to immunization. We will however continue to accept a medical waiver for immunization that is applicable when a child has a long-term medical condition that contradicts immunization and we will accept documentation that shows a delayed or alternative vaccination schedule has been recommended by a pediatrician.

See our Parent Handbook for more details.

Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Monthly Tuition (9 payments)