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About Us - Chamblee Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten

About us

Our Mission

Chamblee First United Methodist Church offers a weekday preschool and kindergarten program with a child-centered curriculum in a loving, Christian atmosphere in which:

  • Children learn through hands-on, experience-based learning activities.
  • Children are allowed to mature and develop within their own time frame.
  • Curriculum is based on age-appropriate, success-oriented learning experiences.

The program focuses on all aspects of a child’s development: cognitive (readiness skills of all types), social and emotional (exhibiting respect for others and ourselves), physical (developing fine and gross motor skills), and spiritual (learning and growing in a Christian environment of love and trust).

This program is part of the many ministries of Chamblee First United Methodist Church. Children and staff from all faiths, races, and nationalities are welcome. The Church and Kindergarten staff are partners with parents in working toward the goal of fulfilling each child’s potential. The mission of our program is to create an atmosphere in which children develop a sense of self-worth, a love of learning, and respect for others and a foundation for their future education.


Chamblee Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten is fully accredited by Cognia (formerly SACS). Our staff and the Kindergarten Board feel that an accreditation process conducted by an outside agency is a valid means of ensuring overall quality and accountability in early childhood education. The process also highlights our strengths and helps in setting both long and short-term goals for school improvement. Achieving accreditation was a collaborative process that included parents and teachers as well as the church staff. Cognia is part of a national organization (AdvancEd) that is over 100 years old and currently accredits most of the public and private schools in our area and throughout the U.S. Their education –based criteria are appropriate for our school and give us the opportunity for continual self-study and improvement.

Our History

In 1957 a group of concerned young mothers saw the need for a program which would provide enriching opportunities for their children. Out of their concern grew a quality kindergarten in their own church, Prospect Methodist Church, located on Peachtree Road in Chamblee. This was the beginning of Chamblee Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten. What began as one kindergarten class of 17 five-year-olds with a teacher-director and an assistant teacher is today a school with 160 students from ages 2 through 5 and a staff of 25.